About the driving school

Here you can get a little insight into the Seitenblick driving school, our philosophy and the way we train.

Tom Spengler
Founder / owner

The driving school Seitenblick was founded by Tom Spengler in 2020. After having previously worked in adult education for many years, he successfully completed his training as a "driving instructor with federal certificate" in Zurich. In his free time he is active in mountain sports and on motorcycle trips. He teaches in German and English.

The Seitenblick driving school teaches practical as well as theoretical driving lessons using the latest methods and the latest didactic aspects. Modern media are used and boring frontal teaching has been said goodbye.

The learner drivers are in the foreground and largely determine what happens in the lessons. In small groups, each individual can be dealt with and nobody gets lost in the crowd.

The philosophy states that every learner driver receives very individual lessons, as not all learner drivers have the same skills.

The focus is on constructive work and the existing strengths of the students are used in order to achieve the desired learning goal as quickly as possible.

After each driving lesson, the student receives constructive suggestions for optimization after prior self-reflection in order to continuously improve and to successfully immerse himself in the driving test.